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Powershell Execution Policy

Um die aktuelle Policy abzufragen, folgenden Befehl ausführen:


Um alle Skripte zu erlauben, folgenden Befehl ausführen:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass

Um die Skriptausführung zu verbieten:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted


Die Powershell Execution Policy ist kein Sicherheitsfeature!

The PowerShell execution policy is the setting that determines which type of PowerShell scripts (if any) can be run on the system. By default it is set to Restricted, which basically means none. However, its important to understand that the setting was never meant to be a security control. Instead, it was intended to prevent administrators from shooting themselves in the foot. Thats why there are so many options for working around it.

Quelle: blog.netspi.com